Hostworks Assist can provide you with access to a range of highly skilled and experienced business and technical professionals in discrete, fixed scope engagements aligned to your unique business needs.

      Hostworks Assist is that skilled helping hand.

      Whether it is providing advice on new technologies or business issues, helping you define and implement your cloud computing, online or digital strategy, or helping in other areas of business continuity, Hostworks Assist’s suite of services can provide the outcomes you need.

      Hostworks Assist provides consulting, design and implementation services to support your business.

      Hostworks Assist focuses on core business and technology services. Advisories provide guidance to businesses in understanding specific areas of concern and defining their strategic response to such areas.

      Our Cloud services focus on all aspects of cloud including Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, or any flavour of Infrastructure as a Service whether they are public, private or hybrid.

      Business Continuity is a priority to any business and Hostworks can help with all aspects including Disaster Recovery and Backup and Recovery.

      Our Online and Digital services help businesses maximise their investment in web and online streaming (web and video) solutions.

      Our Applications services help you define and deploy those critical business applications you need to run your operations, and our Data Centre services help provide the right infrastructure to serve your business.

      Encompassing all this are our Protect services focusing on best practice, industry standard security measures and methodologies.

      Ensuring peace of mind when a digital strategy, campaign or initiative is ready to be delivered to market.

      Our helping hand covers 15 years of experience with some of the leading digital brands in Australia.